Morning Entrance and Breakfast Procedures

All students will enter the building starting at 8:15am.

5th and 6th grades will enter through the Gym Doors and proceed directly to the cafeteria for Breakfast.

6th Grade will immediately get in line for their breakfast then sit at their assigned tables.

5th Grade will sit at their assigned tables until called to get into line for their breakfast.

5th and 6th grades Homeroom teachers will meet their classes at the cafeteria by 8:15am. 6th grade students will begin to transition to class at 8:35am by the Expressive Arts Teachers.

All classes will transition around the 1st floor without disrupting the Main Office Corridor.

7th and 8th grade will enter through Stairwell #3 and proceed straight to class. Breakfast will be served in the classroom.   Homeroom teachers are expected to be outside of their classrooms in order to receive the students.

Support staff and other personnel will be stationed throughout the hall and Stairwell 2 of the 2nd and 3rd floor during this transition.

Students arriving by bus will enter through the library. Students assigned to general education homerooms will be escorted to their respective areas.