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About Grover...2019-2020

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Grover Washington Jr. – Vision

All students who attend Grover Washington Jr. Middle School (GWJMS) will be taught by resourceful educators and supporting staff that exhibit consistent and high expectations for all students to experience learning in a safe, positive, and mentally stimulating environment daily.

Grover Washington Jr. – Mission

Students attending Grover Washington Jr. Middle School will develop as critical thinkers, effective time managers, and problems solvers, with positive self wellness as they evolve into responsible citizens.

Grover Washington Jr. – Slogan


School-wide PBIS Expectations

The Positive Behavior and Intervention Support System at GWJMS expects all students to be on the P.A.T.H. to success:

Peaceful Problem-Solver

Always Safe

Take Responsibility

Have Respect

School-wide PBIS Pledge

I pledge to be a Peaceful Problem Solver who is Always Safe.

I will Take Responsibility for my actions, and I will Have Respect for myself and all others.