Staff List

If you have any questions, please call the Main Office at 215.400.3820.


A chart with our current staff list, their position and their email is below, for your reference. You can sort through the list by typing in a grade, subject area, or position title.  You can also search for the teacher in the Search bar.

Staff/Teacher's NameGrade / ContentEmail address
Alemaria (Ms. Myra) Andino-WhitakerSchool
Andrea BowenLife
Charron FayallAssistant
Christine Zlobinsky5th Grade – Self-Contained/Roster
Danielle JusticeAcademic
David ThomasDean /
Dawned Young5th Grade – Self
Ericka AndrewsSPECM- Special Education Liaison / Learning
Filomena Glackin8th Grade – Social
Gwendolyn HuettAssistant
Jason Roamer7th Grade -
Jennifer NewmanAutistic Support
Jill Kiefer7th Grade -
John Robinson8th Grade –
John SchiotisDean / Physical
Julia SmithClimate
Kathleen MurphySbTL -
Krystiane CooperSTEP Clinical Social
Lauris Bropleh8th / 5th -
Leslie Wilson7th Grade
Louise Sample5th Grade /
Mary McKenzie6th Grade -
Matthew Taylor7th Grade - Social
Maureen SkaatesSpeech
Michael GeneralIntensive Learning
Nicholas PicarielloPhysical
Obianuju OliverBuilding
Randal Holly7th Grade –
Michael GeneralEmotional Support
Rena Goodman-BrownClimate Support
Robert FreedTTL/
Robert GelbAutistic
Romeo Cochrane, Dr.7th / 8th Grade -
Susannah Overmyer5th Grade –
T. Joi
Tammie HarleyLearning
Yaroslav Tsimura8th Grade – Science/TDA